Why should you take pictures of your farm?

Pictures are a special way to see in the past

Have images of your farm for product or services promotion

"Your Farm" Photography Session:

$150 for a 2 hour session
(includes 1 hour, round trip, driving time)

You will receive at least 60 digital photos of your farm

All the Details

  • What "rights" will I have for my photos?
    Your photos are for you, and I won't stand in your way to use them for your business or personal use. You will receive a signed document from me that says you have "permission" to print and distribute the photos.
    (The only exclusion to those rights is that you cannot sell them on stock photo websites. As the photographer, I still retain the full copyright to the photos, and can use them for promotional, commercial, or personal purposes).
  • Live farther out in the country?
    No problem. For every half hour driving time, please add $7 to cover travel expenses
  • What will you take pictures of?
    I want to hear what is important to you because I want your pictures to tell your story. If you would like to have some family portraits done, we can definitely do those during the session
  • What if I need pictures taken at an event at our farm that is longer than 2 hours?
    Additional hours for a session are $60/additional hour
  • What happens after you take the pictures?
    Lots and lots of editing! They say that for every four photos a photographer shoots, they'll only choose one of those (we're a picky bunch - lol).
    I will upload
  • I really don't know how to use my photos for social media or my website. Can you help me?
    No worries - it's hard to keep up with all the different ways for photos to be used digitally
    Media Package Service: I will crop and size 30 of your chosen photos for
  • Do you print my pictures?
    No. All your pictures will be sized in a 4x6 ratio (unless otherwise noted in the file).