51 Capitols in 50 States Challenge

My Rules: For a State to "count", I must have experienced something relevant or significant to that state. (Just driving through it does not count for this challenge ;).

For the Capitols, I'm currently counting if I have been in or on the Capitol building grounds (Indianapolis is the only one I would like to go back to so I could walk more in the actual buildings).
I am counting Washington D.C. as #51 since it is our nation's capital.

BOLD text means I have been there.
Regular text means I haven't been there... yet.

Current Count: 31 States and 23 Capitols
as of September 1, 2019

Alabama (Montgomery)

Alaska (Juneau)

Arizona (Phoenix)

Arkansas (Little Rock)

California (Sacramento)

Colorado (Denver)

Connecticut (Hartford)

Delaware (Dover)

Florida (Tallahassee)

Georgia (Atlanta)

Hawaii (Honolulu)

Idaho (Boise)

Illinois (Springfield)

Indiana (Indianapolis)

Iowa (Des Moines)

Kansas (Topeka)

Kentucky (Frankfort)

Louisiana (Baton Rouge)

Maine (Augusta)

Maryland (Annapolis)

Massachusetts (Boston)

Michigan (Lansing)

Minnesota (St. Paul)

Mississippi (Jackson)

Missouri (Jefferson City)

Montana (Helena)

Nebraska (Lincoln)

Nevada (Carson City)

New Hampshire (Concord)

New Jersey (Trenton)

New Mexico (Santa Fe)

New York (Albany)

North Carolina (Raleigh)

North Dakota (Bismarck)

Ohio (Columbus)

Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)

Oregon (Salem)

Pennsylvania (Harrisburg)

Rhode Island (Providence)

South Carolina (Columbia)

South Dakota (Pierre)

Tennessee (Nashville)

Texas (Austin)

Utah (Salt Lake City)

Vermont (Montpelier)

Virginia (Richmond)

Washington (Olympia)

West Virginia (Charleston)

Wisconsin (Madison)

Wyoming (Cheyenne)

Washington D.C.