Session: $75 for a 45 minute session

You will receive at least 30 digital photos (edited) from your session that are yours to use or print!


  • What kind of photography session can you do?
    Portraits (family, senior, business, engagement, baby announcements), farms & real estate, & events (parties, formal dinners, events)

  • What "rights" will I have for my photos?
    Your photos are for you, and I won't stand in your way to use them for your business or personal use. You will receive a signed document from me that says you have "permission" to print and distribute the photos. (The only exclusion to those rights is that you cannot sell them on stock photo websites. As the photographer, I still retain the full copyright to the photos, and can use them for promotional, commercial, or personal purposes).

  • What happens after you take the pictures?
    Lots and lots of editing! They say that for every four photos a photographer shoots, they'll only choose one of those (we're a picky bunch - lol).

  • How will I get a copy of my pictures?
    I will upload all your edited photos to a Google Drive folder, and then email you a link to that folder. You will be able to view and download your pictures from the Drive.

  • Do you print my pictures?
    No. All your pictures will be sized in a 4x6 ratio (unless otherwise noted on the filename).

  • What if I think I need extra time in a session?
    No problem! We can just add some time onto your session ($20/additional 15 minutes)

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